Monthly Archives: September 2009

What A Difference a Year Makes

Yesterday, September 27, was my birthday. What a difference a year makes. Last year, I was sweeping up the basement from the floods in Northwest Indiana that occurred last year. I also was getting my mother transferred to a nursing home after being in the hospital for almost three weeks. I spent most of my […]

…And Then There Were The Jesus Socks

I had to do some errands this week and finally had the time to do so. With my Mom now home from the Nursing Home, my time is somewhat limited. I’m busy most of the time, with taking care of her, working on the house and other household chores. So I stopped at the Family […]

A Tree Zapped In Hammond

One of the problems I have had in taking care of the house is a tree the somehow grew between the two fences that divided the back yards of our place and our neighbor. I have tried to prune it back and keep it from growing out of control. The tree has been there for […]

September Update

I haven’t been writing on the blogs lately as I’ve been busy. My mother who has been in either a hospital or a nursing home for nearly a year, finally came home. So, of course I’ve been busy taking care of her. I have some concerns whether I can do a good job in taking […]