September Update

I haven’t been writing on the blogs lately as I’ve been busy. My mother who has been in either a hospital or a nursing home for nearly a year, finally came home. So, of course I’ve been busy taking care of her.

I have some concerns whether I can do a good job in taking care of her. I’m mostly concerned what would happen if I got sick. So far, it’s been fine, but I do worry since I’m the one that can take care of her.

I know my Mom is happy to be home and even enjoys my cooking. I’m not a good cook, more a master of the microwave. I never wanted to inflict my cooking on others and rarely did. I survive on my cooking, when I had my own place and over this past year. It’s nice to think that what I cook is good, but I think my mother is a little biased or awfully hungry for anything out side of nursing home food.

I am getting things togetber as to doing my writing on the laptop. I transferred some of my files to my laptop and am able to write downstairs and keep an eye on my mother while I work. I’m working on a sequel to my sciebce fiction book and working on a non fiction book. That book is part a how to and a group of essays. I’m planning to ask some of you to get involved by answering a couple of questions and putting your responses in the book.

It will be a busy fall and winter. I’m looking forward to it. With the Lords help, I plan to make this a profitable time of my life. You might say a satisfied life, as it were.


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    I am glad to see you are back and writing.

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