A Tree Zapped In Hammond

One of the problems I have had in taking care of the house is a tree the somehow grew between the two fences that divided the back yards of our place and our neighbor. I have tried to prune it back and keep it from growing out of control. The tree has been there for the last few years since the neighbors put the fence up and it has been a problem for me over all of that time.

When my mother came home after being in the nursing home for over a year, she didn’t notice it until the day that I helped her get into the house after the visit to the Doctor. Spotting it growing nice and big next to our evergreen she turned to me and said, “What the heck is that growing out there?”

I told her that it was that tree that had been there for years and is becoming a problem. She wanted it removed, can’t blame her for that. I just wondered how the heck I could do it. It would be a problem cutting it down without removing one or both fences in the way. My mom talked to one of my neighbors that had helped me in caring for the house over the year. He said he would look at it when he got the chance and for now not to worry about it.

The next day I went out to do some errands and walked through the backyard to the garage and the car. I looked over to where the tree was and almost like a comedy took a double take. The tree was gone completely: nothing was there; nada; not even a stump. The ground did not even look like it had been disturbed.

I scratched my head and figured that my neighbor had taken care of the tree. As I pulled out of my garage with my car, I saw that his garage door was open and I stopped to thank him for getting rid of the tree. He laughed and said that he had not been over to see the tree.

Coming back fro my errands I told my Mom about what discovered, she asked “Who took the tree down, then?”

I have to admit, I don’t know. Maybe it was the next- door neighbor, who might have seen my pruning the tree earlier this summer. Maybe my other neighbor did it, but doesn’t want to take credit. Then, perhaps it was God.

Yeah, perhaps it was God or better yet, my long passed away Dad. He was a yard -master. He lawn was a green rug to look at and play on. It was almost a golf green beauty. A good yard was his life long quest. He worked day and night on the yard and lawn. I am not as talented nor have I the energy that he had. I’ve tried, but no banana for me.

Perhaps he heard my Mom complaining about the tree and thought that he should help out. Ergo-no tree. My Dad got it zapped.

There’s probably a logical explanation for all of this, but, I won’t search for one. I kind of like the explanation that I write here. It kind of feels good to think that God (and my dad) are watching out for me, I’ll stick with what I feel.

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