What A Difference a Year Makes

Yesterday, September 27, was my birthday. What a difference a year makes. Last year, I was sweeping up the basement from the floods in Northwest Indiana that occurred last year. I also was getting my mother transferred to a nursing home after being in the hospital for almost three weeks. I spent most of my birthday dealing with that.

This year it’s much better. No floods and the basement is dry. I got the sump pump replaced and the house is in better shape. On top of that, my mother is much better and is at home.

I still have to take care of her, but it’s been easier. I get a little isolated, but I’ve been able to get bacj to doing some writing, including my blogging and I’m trying to get back to my book writing.

On my birthday, I just took it easy. I made some pork chops and watched the football game. The Bears played at 3:15 today. Luckily, they won. That made the day nice. I went to church this morning, so I feel good about things right now.

Other than that, I had a lazy day. After a year of running around with nursing homes, finances, making life and death decisions, I think I deserve a break. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll knock and get busy again. On day of laziness is enough for me.


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