Monthly Archives: October 2009

Halloween Report

I’ve been among other things, getting ready for Halloween. We usually get around 100 kids on Halloween, being that our house is in the middle of the block. Like the six years, I’ll be handing out the candy and listening to the kids cry “trick or Treat!” It’s usually fun and I enjoy the little […]

Being Involved

A couple of friends of mine, Jim and Nancy, are in Guatemala for two weeks working as part of a mission that I understand is part of their church. Nancy, a Physical Therapist, work with children who are in need of PT. Jim works on constriction projects during his stint there. They do this about […]

Being A House Guy

With my mother home, I’ve been more busy than I have ever been. I’m taking care of her, washing, cleaning, food shipping, paying the bills, taking care of the yard and outside of the house. I’ve become a regular house person. It’s also given me a better perspective on those who we used to call […]