Being A House Guy

With my mother home, I’ve been more busy than I have ever been. I’m taking care of her, washing, cleaning, food shipping, paying the bills, taking care of the yard and outside of the house. I’ve become a regular house person.

It’s also given me a better perspective on those who we used to call housewives or house -husbands (as one of my friends became for a number of years as his kids were growing up).

We used to think of the housewives as sitting around eating bon-bons and talking to the neighbor (usually another housewife) across the fence. House -husbands were considered lazy louts who didn’t want to go to a regular job and earn a living.

Yet, when you have responsibilities of taking care of a home. I find I have to approach it as a job. Just like I did when I went to work every day. There are things that you have to do every day. On your job, their are things that you have to do to get the day moving; get the machines set up or the computers turned on. You have to check what needs to be done and start the first task.

Then there is always the things that come up, unexpectedly: something breaks down, Someone with a problem. You never know either at a job or at home.

For years, I had to be only responsible just for myself/. If I didn’t want to do something, I didn’t have to. No someone else is depending on me.. I can’t just go off and play sports or a video game, even if I want to. I have other responsibilities and obligations.

These days I treat running the home like a job. I have to. The only difference is that the day is longer than most. It starts with getting up and making beds and breakfast and ends when I get my mother to bed and then I can relax a bit before I go to bed, myself. I don’t mind, though I did at one time I didn’t care to take on all of these things. I sort of enjoy it now. I must have grown up a little. At 57, I had better!

I have a new respect for those that say home and take care of things there. They keep the home humming and keep thing going. If I could do even half as well as they have, i feel that I have accomplished something.

I’m glad I have tha chance. I plan not to blow it.


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