Being Involved

A couple of friends of mine, Jim and Nancy, are in Guatemala for two weeks working as part of a mission that I understand is part of their church. Nancy, a Physical Therapist, work with children who are in need of PT. Jim works on constriction projects during his stint there. They do this about twice a year.

I have to admire them for taking time out of their busy lives to help those in need, in a country that most of us don’t even think about and wouldn’t even be able to place on a map. It’s truly a Christian gesture that should be applauded.

They have been putting updates on Facebook and it has been a joy to read about what they are doing for others down there.

I wish I could be there with them. But, being a transplant survivor, I have to watch out for germs and stuff. Besides I have an aging Mother to take care of.

So, while I might be jealous of their ability to do such a project, I have to realize that I am doing something good and needed here at home. This is my mission. No matter how good or bad things go, I am fulfilling what I need to do.

Each of us can be involved, in big and small ways, in the world around us. Things in our life that may be small to us, are all part of a mosaic that comprises all of life. We don’t really have to go to some foreign country and do something big to be involved. If God chooses us to care for family or friends in our own circle, then we have to try to accept our mission as joyously as possible. We have no time to be mad or jealous of others, what we do in the here and now is just as important.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of those things. Everyday life can be numbing. I try to take stock and remind myself that it is all worth it. If it were easy I would have to write about it. This is not just a message to you, but it is a message to myself, also, I hope I’m listening.


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