Halloween Report

I’ve been among other things, getting ready for Halloween. We usually get around 100 kids on Halloween, being that our house is in the middle of the block. Like the six years, I’ll be handing out the candy and listening to the kids cry “trick or Treat!” It’s usually fun and I enjoy the little ones. The older ones though are a little more intimitating. Some are in their teem and are out for the candy. I think that after 12 years they should stop the trick or treating and just go to a party, unless they are taking a smaller sibling out to trick or treat.

I’m also, trying tp get ready for Nanorimo, the writing competition. I got a story prepared and I’ll try to write. Last year I skipped the contest when mum Mom got sick and was in the hospital or nursing home. Sh is home now, but I have a lot to do for her and the house. So, I doubt I can finish the 50 thousand words. If I get 20 thousand I’ll consider it a good start. It will be a challenge for sure.

I’ve also been on Facebook a lot lately. It seems to be a good site. I’ve suddenly got a bit popular with about 10 new friends a day. A friend of mine who went to Guatemala on a medical and construction mission sent reports on the trip and it was almost like being there.

Facebook won’t replace my blogs, but is a great compliment to them. I’ll try and keep up with that over the coming months.


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