Baseball Season Lasts Too Long

The Yankees won another World Series yesterday. Now, this blog is not about the Yankees winning their 27th World Series or about the Cubbies (my favorite baseball team losing out again). It about the long baseball season,

Here it is November 5th and the baseball season finally ended. There has been snow in some parts of the country and baseball season continued. Basketball season has started and still we were playing baseball.  Football season is half over and still baseball was being played.

Call me a traditionalist, but baseball in November is a travesty. Pretty soon the double header will consist of a hockey game at Wrigley Field between the Blackhawks and the Canadiens and a baseball game between the Cubs and Rockies, The baseball game would mark the half way point in the season.Santa Claus will soon be throwning out the first ball.

Baseballs will bounce high off a frozen infield into the outfield bleachers, counting as an ground rule double. Pedro Martinez will be throwing hard, fast iceballs at a nervous hitter. Bats will spinter at a knuckle ice ball. It’s getting ridiculous,

I hope the Ricketts, who now own the Cubs, will urge the other owners to do something to shorten the season so we don’t have to face the prospect of the first Cubbie World Series victory being witnessed in the middle of a Chicago snowstorm. I want to see brown ivy on the walls of Wrigley Field, not bare walls. Baseball is meant to be played in the warm weather, not during a blizzard.

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