My Projects are Complete!

This past year has been a busy one for me. On top of my mother being ill and in a nursing home and now out, I had to get a lot of things fixed around the house that had been ignored with my mother being the first priority.

I happy to say that all of projects are now complete. First ,there was the sump pump and a toilet that needed to be repaired. I got that done when I finally called a plumber in and had the work done. Then there were the front railings that needed painting. I did the painting myself and in a few days they were finished.

Next, I got the  front and back awnings painted. I couldn’t do the climbing to do the job, but I found a good painter and he did the work. One more thing off my list.

I got the back fence fixed during the summer. It almost was ready to fall down. A neighbor got it back up, with a little help (very little) by me. The lawn is finally looking good, thanks to the rain we had during the summer and getting a good weed control company  that came in to take care of the mess of a lawn that occurred in these last few years.

Finally, there was the back storm door. The weather took a toll on the door and it was vinyl. I got an aluminum door and had it installed this week. It looks good.

I’m glad I got all of this done. I can look around and see everything is fixed that I planned to do this year. I did it! Taking care of a house can be daunting, especially one that is 58 years old. I didn’t have a chance to gradually learn how to do it all, but learn I did.

There will always br something that will need to be done in a house. Those of you who own a house realize that. But it can be done, it you have the determination and know who to call. It would be better if I had the expertise to do it all myself. but the main thing is i survived and got it all done.<!– /**

**/ –>


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