Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Root Beer Nun

I went to a Catholic grade school. In fact, I went to a Catholic high school and College, also. It was a good education and give me a unigue insight into the world. Something that I believe the public school kids do not get. Besides the three R’s that were taught in schools (Reading, writing […]

It’s Christmas Week

This week is Christmas week and it will be a busy time for me this year. I finished the last of the food shopping today as I had to get a few things for our traditional Christmas Eve meal. It’s a meatless meal as would be celebrated in Poland. With Pierogi, beet soup, and fish […]

December Is Still Mad

I was going to do some work on decorating the house for Christmas, but decided to wait for tomoorrow. I needed the rest. I was sick this week with an upset stomach or stomach flu of some sort and only now am feeling more like I did before I got sock. Believe it or not, […]

December Is The Mad Month

December is now here and the mad season starts. Time for Christmas, parties, gifts receiving and giving and taking stock of the year past. I got my Christmas shopping almost done. I worked on it yesterday and found a couple of good deals and took advantage of it. I also bought something for myself. Wal-Mart […]