December Is The Mad Month

December is now here and the mad season starts. Time for Christmas, parties, gifts receiving and giving and taking stock of the year past.

I got my Christmas shopping almost done. I worked on it yesterday and found a couple of good deals and took advantage of it. I also bought something for myself. Wal-Mart had some jackets on sale for $7. I couldn’t pass it up. It ended up the only thing I bought there. I endd up buying my gifts at Target. Yep, I’ve gone discount thiis season. The economy is tough this year and I did enough damage with all the home improvements I had to do on the house to get it back into some kind of shape.

One thing I am glad for is that my Mam is home and not in the hospital or nursing home. It has meant more work for me, but it has been worth it. I’m trying to make this christmas good for her and one she can enjoy.

Thaksgiving worked out well. My sister came over and we had the meal here. The meal was good and it was nice ti have the family together for a change. It would have been nice if my sister from Arizona could have come, but she called and had a nice conversation with my mother which went a long way to making it good for Mom. That is what counted anyway.

I skipped doing Nano, the novel writing contest this year. I’ve been too busy during the day with my Mom and home. The evenings leave me tired after a long day and I didn’t have a good story to write any way. I prpbably could have done it. But it was more important to stay focused on home and keeping both my Mom and myself healthy. That I have been sucessful in doing.

Christmas is the big event to come. I want to remember why we celebrate the day.,Christs birth. Sometimes qith all the emphasis on gifts and material things, the spiritual gets lost. Maybe with the economy wrecking the material world a little, the spiritual will be noticed a little bit more. I hope I can keep that in mind with the day getting nearer and nearer.

It has been a long year to slag through. I’m sure it has been the case for you, as it has been for me. But allof us survived. Hopefully, we are stronger for it. Mentally as well as spiritualy. Let’s keep working on it. I’m positive better times are coming. Hope is always the path to better times.


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