December Is Still Mad

I was going to do some work on decorating the house for Christmas, but decided to wait for tomoorrow. I needed the rest. I was sick this week with an upset stomach or stomach flu of some sort and only now am feeling more like I did before I got sock.

Believe it or not, my Mom delped me out as I couldn’t do much. Got me a blanket and fed me and gave me some meds to help me out. She can’t walk that much, without her walker, but she did a good job. I had her meds out the night before, so I didn’t have to get up and make them up for her, she just needed to take them.  I’m glad that it turned out all right. It was a worry for me if it would have lasted for more than a day. I’m alright now, just five pounds lighter.

I got my christmas shopping done last week. I only had a few gifts, but it was much better than last year. Then, I didn’t get done until the last week before Christmas. Last year, my Mom was in the hospital, this year, with her home it was a lot easier.

By the way, I have a facebook page. Thanks to a friend of mine who started using one. I’ve been using it and will continue to use it. I apologise to thoae who send me stuff to reply and I don’t.. There are times that I am so busy that I don’t have time to spend on all the requests. So, don’t feel bad about it, just me being busy.

This past week was the 7th anniversary of my heart-lung transplant. It has been a long time and I’m still doing pretty well. I’m about as busy as I have ever been. It’s a good busy, at least I feel that wey. With the house to take care of  and my Mom to take care of, it’s almost like work. But here I feel more useful  than at work. At he end of the day, you see the results if the work that you did; the clean house, the yard finished, a good meal made. So, despite all the hassle, I’m feeling satisfied.

Well I bettr go and rest a while this illness took a little out of me. Hope your Christmas time is good and peaceful!


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