A Rough Time In Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti is certainly a terrible time for a country that is as poor as that country is. With most of the capital in ruins and the government unable to function, it has been difficult to get rescue and recovery moving. It will be a long time until the area has a recovery and will need the rest of the world to help them recover.

The United States is doing it’s part. Our government is supplying 100 million dolars towaed recovery. This, at a time when our recovery is weak and people are out of work. Still, we recognize the humanity of the situation and we are willing to help as we can.

Many of you are hwlping where you can, I’m sure. I have donated some money to this good cause. But I ask, what else can I do to help out. I decided to do one more thing to help out. I have two books out that I am willing to donate the royalties to the cause of helping Haiti in the next two months. I have chosen Doctors Without Borders as the group to donate the royalties to. The are a group that has worked all over the world to provide medical help, whenever it is needed. They have even won a Nobel Peace Prize for their work. They are legitimate and a worthy group to donate to.

I will put any royalties to a special account and every two weeks I will send any royalties to Doctors Without Borders. Once the two months are up, if the need is still great, I will continue for another two months, if not I will find another good cause to donate.

The books have never sold well mainly because I haven’t had the time to market them. Since I have an independent source of income, I have written the books more for fun and because I felt that I had something to say. Since I have already donated something to Haiti, this is something extra. I hope you will see this as a way to give and perhaps get something back in return for your help. Not as a way for me to sell books.

You can get ‘Vision of the Field: A Baseball Fantasy’ here : http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/vision-of-the-field-a-baseball-fantasy/351614.

The other book ‘In the Company of Legends,’ can be ordered here: http://www.booklocker.com/books/3022.html.

I hope you will consider thise books as a way to give to the important cause of helping Haiti to recover from the earthquake that has devastated them.


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