January Update

Well, here it is, end of January, or near it and I’ve been able to keep up with my resolutions this year. I’ve been writing on a regular basis, doing my exercises, taking care of things at home and doing all of this without too much problem.

Lately, I’ve been on Facebook. It’s been fun on the site. One thing is that I’ve caught up with a few high school people while on the site. I’ve never bothered much with reunions and all that kind of thing. I always figured that I would rather move on, than stay on the memories. But occasionally, it’s good to catch up with some of my friends that I got to know as I was growing up. It’s a part if who I am now.

I finally got my science fiction book out. It’s called ‘Space Pirates,’ and it’s on Lulu.com. With all the problems with my mother being sick and all the work taking care of getting the home in order, I had to take time in doing the editing before I could get it out. I’m glad to get it out right now and I hope that it will do some sales. But, it sure was a long slog to get the work out.

I’m working on two books right now and doing a little research on another. I don’t know when I’ll have them out, but I am getting some work done on them. It feels great doing the writing.

Winter is a great time to sit and do some writing. The weather is cold and there’s snow on the ground. I have nowhere to go. Yes, I believe I’ll sit right down and do a little writing before the day is through.

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