That Stupid Groundhog Makes Me Work!

Today is Groundhog Day and I’m mad as hell. I woke up this morning to snow outside my house and I had to go out and shovel. Drinking my coffee before I headed out the door. I heard that that stupid Groundhog declared another 6 weeks of winter. Thanks buddy. I hope that hole in the ground that you call home freezes over with you in it.

I’ve been checking around to see if there are any groundhogs that may have had a difference of opinion. I haven’t found one yet. Bummer! Now that means I’ll have to shovel and slide on the ice when I drive. I’ll have to stay in and cuddle up in a blanket for the next 6 weeks just reading books and watching basketball on TV.. I’m getting cabin fever, groundhog, Better watch yourself. One thing, Groundhog, you better not met me in a dark alley, come spring. You’ll be dead meat. I’m tired of being cold this winter. I’m looking forward to spring and baseball and picnics and doing the yard and cutting the grass….and….

Come to think of it. Layingt around, reading a good book and watching sports on tv isn’t so bad after all. I guess I’ll let you slide this year, groundhog.

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