The Super Bowl; The Ads and The Who

I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday as  well as the rest of the nation and it was an enjoyable evening. The game  played out as advertised. Both quarterbacks drove their teams down the field in scoring drives. There was a lot of excitement and drama.

The only mistake either quarterback made was the interception by Manning. It sealed the win for New Orleans. I’m kind of glad. I really have not cared for the Colts since they snuck into Indianapolis in 1984. Since Unitas left I have no feeling for the team. Besides they beat the Bears in the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Oh welll….

The ad were pretty good. I watch the ads as part of the game experience. If the game turn into a blowout and becomes boring, I can always look forward to watching the ads and getting a chuckle or two.

I liked the Snicker ad with Betty White playing a pickup football game. Also, the Boost ad showing the 1985 Bears doing a version of the Super Bowl Shuffle was fun and at least it had Bears in them. The best ad was the Levi ad for Dockers was funny as all get out.  Walking down the road in undershorts singing ‘I have no pants,’ was hilarious. I could never be so daring.

The Who singing at the half time show was another example of the NFL playing it safe and using old rock ‘n roll stars to entertain the audience. They played good and it was kind of sad since two of their original member have died. Still Townsend and Daltry put on a good show. The last song was pretty interesting. ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ has lines like “I know that the hypnotised doesn’t lie” and “The marching on the left is now marching on the right.” Pretty chilling, considering the state of politics in America these days.

I wonder what the NFL will do for a show next year? Maybe they’ll bring out Chuck Berry, if he is playing these days. But, don’t expect him to appear without pants. Can’t have a wardrobe malfunction can we?

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