What is Happening Lately

I have been busy lately, partly writing a couple of short stories while they were still fresh in my mind. I got a little more enthused about writing short stories since I had a couple accepted for IUN’s Literary Magazine coming out in May. Besides, I sometimes enjoy the idea of having an idea carry through in a few thousand words, rather than writing a novel of 50 to 80 thousand words. I guess I can be lazy. I should get back to the other novels soon.

I went on a drug run to pick up some prescriptions last week and the young guy ahead of me looked a little strange. I didn’t notice it at first, but he had his head shaved with what looked like ram horns tattooed on the back of his head. My thought was ‘he sire going to look silly when he gets old.’

Now a lot of us wore our hair long and unruly when we were younger and some of us got tattoos (not me though- chicken), however, a tattoo on the back of the head?

I didn’t say anything, but I hope the guy will keep his hair later in life. Those rams horn will get a little ragged later in life.

One last thing, baseball is back! Spring training has begun abd the first games have bee played. I won’t say much until the real season starts in a few weeks, but I am going to watch the first spring training games on TV this weekend. Spring is coming. The weather is getting warmer around here and baseball is back.


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