Coffee Or Tea With Your Politics

There seems to be another grass roots group that has formed in opposition to the Tea Party that was formed earlier this year. This group, the Coffee Party is also frusterated with government gridlock and the lack of progress in solving the many problems that the country is facing.

The Coffee Party solution is that the Democrats and Republicans should drop the ideological postering and come together to reach solutions on those important problems that face us thes days. At least that is how I see the group as trying to come across.

The Tea Party seems to protest the government takeover of people’s lives and wants the government to get out so taxes would be lower and there would be less regulation of people’s lives. At least that is how I understand it.

Both parties or movements are in anger of being taken over by extremists on either side of the political spectrum. Already, the Coffee Party is being accused of being a left wing answer to the Tea Party. The movements founder Annabel Park, worked for Obama in 2008 and for another Democratic Party cndidate. There is also a danger that other left extremists could take over, though I’ve not seen anything like it yet.

The Tea Party has seemed to have been, in part taken over by extremists on the right. People like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have a strong say in the direction of the movement, They and other are a danger to reaching practical solutions to our problems.

As for myself, I tend to drink the Coffee, as long as it tries to urge the leaders of the country to reach practical, wffective solutions to our country’s problems, through debate and eventually consensus. Any solutiion that leaves out the great majority that just wants to get on with life, work hard, get along with all people, regardless of race, gender, religion and politics is a dajngerous route for us to go.


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