Getting A Little Disgusted At Times

I haven’t done much as far as the blogs over the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with various duties at home and taking my Mom to the doctors and such. It’s been hard to sit down and just write as I had hoped I would be able to do. I have some time in the evening, but there have been times that I am so tired after all the running around during the day, that all I want to do is just sleep.

Part of it is that I am also disgusted with the way things are in the country. Everybody is mad at someone or something. No one wants to soberly look at the problems and solve them in a pragmatic manner. They want it their way or the highway. I don’t hate anyone. I just want people to get it together and solve things. No liberal agenda and no Conservative agenda. Just looking at what will work and what doesn’t and go from there.

I don’t hate Obama and I don’t hate Tea Parties. I don’t hate Palin (though I admit, I don’t care much for her either. Same goes with Limaugh Beck or Hannity).

I don’t watch Fox News but I don’t spend my day watching MSNBC either. To tell the truth, I’d rather watch a Cubs game or even a Sox game, if the Cubs are not on.

I think that the health Care bill, while certainly not the best thing, is a lot better than nothing and should be given a chance. I think those who propose resistance against our elected government are being being dangerous and just on the side of being treasonous.

We should argue resonably and with passion, but not with hate and bitterness. Someone is going to gat hurt out there and I hate to see it happen on either side. We need a solution, not a Civil War.

I’d rather pray for our country rather than fight it. Now that I made my point, I’ll get back to the ball game.


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