Catching Up

Just thought I’d catch up with all of you on some things since I’ve been busy lately. Some of it is serious some not so serious.

Been watching thr e immigration battle in Arizona. I believe that the law has a lot of unintendeed problems for it, like:

  1. whaere are you going to put all those ‘ilegals’ once you arrest them. Do you have that many jails in Arizona?
  2. If you send them back or keep them in jail, who is going to pay for all of this?
  3. Are you willing to pay for all the court costs and lawsuits that will certainly follow when the law becomes enacted?

Just thought I’d ask. In a practical sense, it’s a terrible law.

We’re beginning to see what greed can really do to everyone in the Goldman Sachs scandal. We need good and strong financial reform. I just hope Washington will get off their partisan political games and do right by the American people and certainly do it in such a way that the rest of us don’t get hurt. Work together!

I’ve been on Facebook a lot lately. I’ve caught up with a lot of some old college and high school friends. It been interesting to hear their stories on what they have done over the years. It’s a lesson in living and life. I’m not trying to relive the past. I’m satisfied with where I am at. But, I celebrate where my old friends are at. I’m glad to see that they have, for the most part, done well.

The Cubs are wining lately. They’re back at .500 after 20 games. Baseball season has bee fun so far. Then it’s only April. Check again in July and see if I’m still excited.

I’m still writing. Tru to write something everyday. I got enough projects to last for awhile. My main problem is focusing on one to finish up on and prepare for nano in November. Maybe it still will be a sequel on my sciennce fiction book.

That’s it for now. I’ll try and write something more substantial next time.

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