There’s No Politics In Baseball

Last week The Arizona Diamondbacks play the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. During the series protesters rallied against the Arizona Immigration Law in front of the ball park,

Now this is not about the law that was passed. Whether you like or don’t like the law is not the point. But I don’t feel protesting political points of view have a place at a ball game. People go to the ball game for one reason, maybe the only reason: to leave their troubles at home and enjoy the game. They would want to get away and not think of their problems, either personal or political.

I know I would want to enjoy my time at a game and not think of the controversies around me. I want to watch my team, whether Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls or Hawks without politics thrown in. When I leave the ball park and get back to the real world, I’ll consider your concerns and if I want, I’ll act on them. But until I come home, don’t bother me. I want to get out and watch a game and relax. Leave one thing alone. Let me watch my game in peace, if you don’t mind.

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