It’s Still My Fantasy

Those of you who know me through the years and through my blog know that I never have had the best of health. As a result, I never had the opportunity to play organized sports. I did play some pick up baseball and flag or two hand football when I was a kid. I even played a little basketball here and there.

But as I got older and could do less and less, I had to give up those kind of activities and I became a professional couch potato. I became a darned good one, as a matter of fact. So I never became a folk hero in sports. I didn’t mind I have developed other skills that are just as good. And I can always fall back on my couch potato skills, if need be.

But there are video games and I became a fan of the sports games. It has become a release for me as I became more proficient in playing games like baseball, football and basketball. I’ve now added hockey to my sports talent, at least in my fantasy world.

I’ve played the EA sports games and I like them. I’ve played Madden Football, MVP Baseball, the basketball games. I’ve also played the Take Two Sports games; Baseball and Basketball and enjoy them, though a little less than the EA games.

These last couple of weeks, however, I had a chance to purchase two games by Sega Sports. Sega sports have since lost their contracts to EA and others, but, in my opinion the two games that I picked up are the best I have played.

The graphics in the NFL2k3 are excellent and the play is crisp and well executed. The commentary is well done. It is far better than Madden and it’s a shame that Sega does not make the game any more. Sega or a group that came out of their company has a ESPN Football 2k5 that is supposed to be the best ever. It is so good that some prefer to download updated lineups than play the Madden Game.

I haven’t bought that game yet. You almost can’t get it. Some sell the game on for $43. That is too rich for my blood. I’m satisfied with my 2k3 game and will play that for awhile. At least till I catch up to 2010 year.

I also bought the NHL 2k3 game. I used to watch hockey a lot, back in the early and middle ’60’s. I watched the Blackhawks on WGN when people like Hull, Mikita, Hall and Nestorinko ruled the Chicago hockey world. Over the years, however I watched hockey less and less. It wasn’t on television much and you know out of sight, out of mind became the norm.

Laying the hockey game (which is well done) has rekindled my enjoying the sport. I can see myself as a here in the fantasy hockey world as I have in baseball, football or basketball. Who know? Perhaps I can win the Stanleyy Cup along with my World Series, Superbowl and NCAAChampionship.. Let the fantasy begin.


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