Is This Really America?

Recently, I heard Sarah Palin state to people that “we are all Arizonians,” when she supported the immigration Law of that state. Now, no matter what you may feel about that law and about immigration in general. That statement troubles me.

Being a history major and a history buff to this day, I can only think of the Civil War and what we were fighting for. Yes, we were fighting slavery in one aspect. But we were also fighting to preserve the Union. Confederate soldiers stated that they were fight for their state, be it Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina or any of the other Confederate States. Robert E. Lee left the US Army to fight on the side of Virginia. It was not country that he defended, it was his state.

The Union was preserved and eventually those Confederate States were welcomed back to the Union. It was a slow, painful process, but it eventually occurred.

Now, nearly 150 years after the beginning of that Civil War, we hear a popular political figure state that a state is more important than country. I would wish to remind Palin and others who think as she does, that we are Americans first and citizen of our respective states second. To think or act in any other way destroys the Union and destroys the identity that we have as Americans. I am not an Arizonian. Nor am I a Hoosier, Pennsylvanian, New Yorker. I may be a native of any and all of these states, but I prefer to be know as an American first.

So, call me an American. Talk to me as an American, If you disagree with me, do so as am american. I am not a states righter. I believe in Union first and what ever my state has power over second, Let it always remain that way.

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