Where Have I Been?

I’ve spent the better part of the last month being quiet. I was a conscious decision; just to remain silent and let the world go on without me commenting on it. Sort of like Dylan said, watching the river flow.

Not that I did nothing. I finished up getting my 3rd book out and on Amazon.com and on Lulu.com

I also set up my second book for e-publication. That book, ‘In The Company of Legends,’ should soon available on the iBookstore site and available for iPad and iPhone. Look for it.

But the rest of the time, I just did things around the house and did a took my Mom for a few doctor visits. I also had a little sickness, a fever that set me back a couple of days, but nothing major.

I only did a little writing. Seems I have a little writing block. I have some good ideas, but no motivation to work on them. It not that I’m sitting on my laurels, I have few if any to rest on. So that’s why I figure I have a little writing block. Maybe with this, it will get unjammed.

Last week, I had a few errands to do and headed out the back door and went to my car in the garage. The day was warm, but not humid. In a way, it reminded me of a summer day when I used to bound out of the house and go off to play a few games of baseball with my friends and enjoy the day.

Only it wasn’t the same. The house where I bounded out of, I now run, with all the responsibilities associated with it. Instead of getting on my bike, I’m riding a car. It now my own money I use to get what is needed, not my parents. All of that is good. Yet, it was a whole lot easier when it really wasn’t my reponsibility. Just a little change from the past.

I stopped at a Family Dollar store at the old Angelo’s Supermarket. I remember when the parking lot was crowded with cars as people went in and out of the store. Now, the parking lot is empty and in need of repair. There are a dew people in the store, but nothing like when Angelo’s or Reliable as it also was called, was rocking.

Family Dollar share the old Angelo’s spot with a Bargain Store. They also have some name products, including food and pop. Though the stuff is new, it always looks old. The store is owned by Hispanics, I presume. I also think that they get their products from Mexico. Maybe that’s why they look a little worn out. I just don’t trust the place, though the prices are low enough. It’s just the look that gives me concern.

As I walked to my car U was looking at the park that is next to the stores. Pulaski Park it is called. It used to be called Douglas Park when I was younger. It didn’t seem anyone was in it. The old swimming pool looked abandoned. The I noticed some workers cleaning the pool. I guess they were cleaning tit before the kids came later in the day to swim and cool off. I used to go there as a kid. I wasn’t much of a swimmer, but it was nice on a hot summer day.

When I was a kid, playing baseball in the fields in our neighborhood or park was the big thing. Or, maybe a little football when the weather got cooler. These days, kids play soccer to ride skateboards, it they are not texting or playing video games. I like it better when I was a kid. But I suppose the kids today will complain about their kids some day over the way they play in the next 30 years. The cycle of life will continue.

I went home still thinking that I was transported to 1962. I knew it was 2010, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. It’s cool either way. I’ve grown up, but I haven’t grown out. I can’t wait to take another little visit again, someday soon.

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