A Long Quiet Summer

If you noticed, I tok the summer off from doing a large amout of writing. It was the first time in nearly 4 years that I took a break. Not that I wasn’t busy. It was just that doing writing, was not hight on my list of things to do this summer.

I had the house to take care of. Ther ehas been a few things that needed fixing and I got some new TV’s as the pace of technology has made the old TV’s obsolete. I wish the shows on TV were better, but at least they look better than they once did. The rest of it was just the usual things that needed to be done around the house. It keeps me busy, but it is a good feeling to see things getting done.

Also, my mother had cataract surgery. Which meant doing the drops for her. I’m still doing them and will be for at least the next month or so. Before that, we discovered that my mother has the ‘wet’ kind of macular degeneration. That meant going back and forth to the doctor for treatments and check ups. That will go on for awhile, yet. So That has kept me busy.

I did finish my third book and now it is out on http://lulu.com/ and amazon.com. Just put ‘Space Pirates: First Encounter’ in the search box and you will see my book by me, Joe Kaminski, Jr. I’m pretty happy with the book ans a few who have read it so far thought it was the best I had written. I’m sort of surprised with that. I always thought that my second book, ‘In The Company of Legends,’ was better. But who is to argue with what the people want. I’m working on the sequal to the Space Pirates book and I’m thinking of working on the first draft for the Nanowrimo challenge in November. That will give me an incentive to write and get the book out.

I did do some writing during the summer, but it was mostly on Facebook. I’ve been especially involved with writing on the Coffee Party site. It seems to me that they have the right idea as regards to debating in a civilized manner and using fact, instead of invective as the basis for getting their point across. While some might think the group is too liberal, I find the people to truly concerned in the problems of the country. They are a group some of you might look into.

I have no desire to be a part of the Tea Party. While they might have a point about high taxes and deficit spending, a lot of the membership goes much too far in some of their taactics and viewpoints. Sorry, but some of the membership is too racist for me and some of their rhetoric frankly, scares me. In this country we need calm, honest and far sighted leadership and the Tea Party does not provide it, in my opinion.

Besides that, I have been taking care of things at home and my mother has needed a little more care than in the past, as she has had some eye problems. I have been giving her drops almost every two hours over the last few weeks. They are being lessened now, so I have more time to do some other things and can now get back to writing.

I followed the dissappointing baseball season of the two Chicago clubs. The Cubs had a terrible year and fell out quickly. The Cubs offense was terrible this year, especially their two main hitters, Lee and Ramirez. The White Sox took longer, but a weak pitching staff caused them grief and lost like 7 or 8 games in a row and the Twins took the division. Now it’s just mop up time and waiting for the Blackhawks to start hockey season. They won the Stanley Cup in June and ran around like drunken sailors during the short off-season. Hope they get it together quick.

Well, no more excuses. Time to get back to writing and the blogs. I can’t promise that I’ll write as much as I did before, but I’m going to try. A lot will be about Nanowrimo. I’ll keep you informed about my progress, so that will be an incentive. If anyone want to join and be part of the challenge, let me know. Perhaps, we can encourage each other.

That’s it for now. I’ll be writing more later. Thanks for dropping by.

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