Working on Nano, Taking charge

I’ve been working on Nanowrimo this month as I get ready for the writing to take place starting on November 1st. I got the planning out-of-the-way, that is, the outline and a short synopsis of the story. I’ve written a short description of the main characters and some background.

I try to let things be a little loose when I write. I enjoy watching the characters grow and change in a novel from where they start out. Sometimes I’m surprised on where the characters take me and the story. That’s what makes writing fun. If you plan the whole plot too much, you end up with a mechanical story. It also becomes boring. You know what each character is going to do and you end up with a wooden story.

The story I’m doing is a sequel to my Space Pirates: First Encounter, story On The first book seemed to scream out for a sequel and after it took me so long to get the first book out, I plan to work on the second book and get it out sooner. I have another book ready to write and want to get that out this year, also.

So, I’m planning an ambitious schedule for myself this year. As long as my health holds out and my Mom stays healthy, I should be able to get it done.

We got a wind storm around here today. It seems like a good day to hunker down and write. I’ve stuck my nose out amd it is no day for man or beast right now. We had a few 50mph gusts, though the worst seems to be in Chicago, at the moment.

Wait, I hear the wind howling. Well here it comes. I think I’ll sigh off now and do some upper body exercises. Got to take charge and stay strong. I’ll keep you informed on Nano and my progress. Hope your day is fantastic and safe.


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