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Look Before You Leap

As I have mentioned before I have been in the process of trying to find an agent for my writing, especially my last novel, “In The Company of Legends.” I had one lead that seemed promising and pursued it. Lo and behold, I received an offer of representation. But there was a catch. The agency […]

Chomping On A Few Things

Well, this is the start of spring. The weather got warmer around here, just in time for the new season. Reflecting on winter, I don’t really think it was all bad. Yeah, we had a cold stretch in February, but I remember worse. It remember winters where we had weeks of below freezing temps, some […]

A Little Update

A few weeks ago, I sent a query to a literary agent about the book that I wrote last year, In The Company Of Legends.  About a day or two later I received an e-mail reply that they were interested in my proposal and to send them a couple of chapters for them to further […]