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Is This Really America?

Recently, I heard Sarah Palin state to people that “we are all Arizonians,” when she supported the immigration Law of that state. Now, no matter what you may feel about that law and about immigration in general. That statement troubles me. Being a history major and a history buff to this day, I can only […]

Immagration and a True American Response

First, let us have a little background. Immigration laws set up in the 1920’s did not address the problem of immigration from Mexico. One reason was, because few came from Mexico and second because the area that they settled was in the Southwest, little settled until the 1960’s on. As people moved for health and […]

Illegal Bananas

Recently it was learned that an artist is planning to launch a giant banana from Mexico that will eventually float over the stat of Texas some time in 2008. This has mushroomed into a plot to launch virtually hundreds of these bananas that will cover the skies of America. Already there are protests being formed […]

4 Movies and a Book

My ‘wild’ Saturday Night consisted of watching parts of 4 movies and reading an interesting book, This goes to show you that life can be simple if not dull sometimes. It also can be relaxing. I had a busy week and really needed that break last night, What were the movies? They were in no […]