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Catching Up

Just thought I’d catch up with all of you on some things since I’ve been busy lately. Some of it is serious some not so serious. Been watching thr e immigration battle in Arizona. I believe that the law has a lot of unintendeed problems for it, like: whaere are you going to put all […]

What A Difference a Year Makes

Yesterday, September 27, was my birthday. What a difference a year makes. Last year, I was sweeping up the basement from the floods in Northwest Indiana that occurred last year. I also was getting my mother transferred to a nursing home after being in the hospital for almost three weeks. I spent most of my […]

September Update

I haven’t been writing on the blogs lately as I’ve been busy. My mother who has been in either a hospital or a nursing home for nearly a year, finally came home. So, of course I’ve been busy taking care of her. I have some concerns whether I can do a good job in taking […]

Still Not a Famous Blogger

I’ve been spending time reading other blogs and see that they have 10,000 or 20,000 hits on this site or that site. Me? The most I ever had is over 6,0000 over a few years of blogging. Still, I’m not near as popular as some other bloggers that I read. I come across a bl00 […]

Honking: The Alternative to Tweeting

These days, people are always tweeting on the Internet. I guess it just about having a short attention span. No one can seem to write   thoughts more than 140 characters. They are tweeting this and tweeting that. So much so that anyone who has a long thought can not get a word in edge-wise. I […]

Some People Say It Better

I got an e-mail from a good friend of mine just a little bit ago. After reading this passage I had to share it with you: I checked out your blogs. I was thinking the other day “What if people other than atheletes used Steroids”? Could you imagine how fast Earl Sheib would turn out […]

Book Review: Two Beatle Books

I don’t usually make reviews of books. I don’t think that people would want to read something that some unknown blogger would reccomend. But for these two books I decided to make an exception. These two books were written about the Beatles and are part of my research for some future book about the sixties […]

Back To the Garden

The weather has finally become nice enough to do some work in the garden. After taking my morning walk and having a cup of coffee (decaf, of course), I grabbed my old Cubs hat and went out to the garden and cleaned it up a little. Later on this week, when I’m off from work […]

Obamaboy Strikes Back

I had a day off today and with such a beautiful day, I went out and did some errands. First, I filed a request to the EEOC concerning my lay off and refusal to rehire me at my old employer. I want to see if they discriminated against me by age or disability. I think […]

Another Update

Enough about politics! It’s time to get back to what this blog is about. That is what is going on in my life and all around me. What is happening? Well, The weather is good enough to go out and do my walking. I’ve been able to do that a few times in the last […]