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A Pox On Both Their Houses?

Watching the Democratic run for the White House has become a bitter fight to the finish. It is a case of not taking any prisoners. Ripping the heart out of each other and leaving nothing to come home to once the race is finished. The Clinton campaign has used just about every trick in the […]

Pondering The Imponderable

Once in awhile I think about something really deep. I don’t know where theses thoughts come from, but there they are. Keeping me awake at night and interfering with the daily routine of life. This past week I had one of those thoughts. What was it, you ask? Let me tell you. Why do men […]


The field has dwindled down to 4 viable candidates for the US Presidency: John McCain and Mike Hucabee for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama for the Democrats. Huckabee has little chance in overtaking McCain, unless conservatives rally behind him and cause a fight at the Republican Convention. I doubt that will happen, […]