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One Last Note On Health Care

President Kennedy once said in 1963 that and I paraphrase: If a black person cannot eat at a restaurant 0r sleep in a hotel…… Can’t vote….. Can’t send their children to the best public school….would we be willing to change color and stand in their place? Today on health reform: If anyone cannot get health […]

What Is Good History?

Recently, the Texas State School Board desided what should and shouldn’t be in their texbooks. Why should you be cpncerned? Because what they decided in theor textbooks will be in mnay textbooks across the land. You see, tTexas buys a lot of textbooks and book makers take what Texas wants into consideration when they sell […]

Madoff and the perversion of the American Dream

I’ve been following the trial and conviction of Bernie Madoff for his role in scamming thousands of clients in what is known as ponzi scheme. Now I have to say up front that I feel sorry for all of those who has lost money in this fraud. Many of these people are retired people who […]

4 Movies and a Book

My ‘wild’ Saturday Night consisted of watching parts of 4 movies and reading an interesting book, This goes to show you that life can be simple if not dull sometimes. It also can be relaxing. I had a busy week and really needed that break last night, What were the movies? They were in no […]