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Biting Reality

I’ve been away recently. Mostly, busy with working and taking care of things at home. But things haven’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped. It seems that reality has taken hold and I’ve been forced to bite off a huge chunk of it and even had to swallow. It didn’t taste very good, but […]

New Job an Interesting Experience

So far, the new job is turning out to be an interesting experience. What is really a difference is the fact that I am around people all day. My other job I wasn’t among people. Often I worked alone, Before, I had the responsibility for everything that went on as far as the work. Here […]

News Flash: I Have a Job

After 6 months of being unemployed, I finally found a job. It’s not a great paying job or one I would want to keep forever, but it’s a start and a chance for advancement. So, I took it. I must have applied to over 50 places and made calls to as many contacts as I […]

Ugh! More Snow!

For what seems like the hundredth time this year, we have snow. I guess the last few winters have spoiled me, with little snow and warm temperatures. I’m paying for it this year though. I’ll wait a little bit before I venture out and shovel. I’ll also take my time. I have plenty of it, […]

Job Hunting: The Jungle Out There

In the last few months, I have been looking for a job since I was laid off at the hospital, where I have worked for over 30 years. Not everyday, mind you. The weather has been bad this winter and I didn’t want to chance it going out in all the bad weather and apply […]