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A Tree Zapped In Hammond

One of the problems I have had in taking care of the house is a tree the somehow grew between the two fences that divided the back yards of our place and our neighbor. I have tried to prune it back and keep it from growing out of control. The tree has been there for […]

I Felt the Warmth of the Sun

Finally spring decided to arrive and announce itself. I felt the warmth of the sun as a I stepped outside in my faded jeans and a t-shirt and prepared to do battle with the lawn and outdoor chores. I surveyed the damage that winter winds and snow had done to the yard and saw that […]

My Crabgrass Is Better Than Your Crabgrass

I went out to take my daily walk and cringed as I looked at out lawn. We have a lot of crabgrass this year. After two sessions of spreading crabgrass killer on the lawn, I raised the white flag and gave up.  The only thing left is a novena and a prayer that an Act […]

Weed Killer

This summer I’ve become a soldier in the battle against the weeds that grow in our garden and in our grass here at home. With the weather warm and muggy now in the Midwest, the weeds are sprouting up faster than an Al Quada cell in the US. At least once a week I perform […]