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Working on Nano, Taking charge

I’ve been working on Nanowrimo this month as I get ready for the writing to take place starting on November 1st. I got the planning out-of-the-way, that is, the outline and a short synopsis of the story. I’ve written a short description of the main characters and some background. I try to let things be […]

A Long Quiet Summer

If you noticed, I tok the summer off from doing a large amout of writing. It was the first time in nearly 4 years that I took a break. Not that I wasn’t busy. It was just that doing writing, was not hight on my list of things to do this summer. I had the […]

Halloween Report

I’ve been among other things, getting ready for Halloween. We usually get around 100 kids on Halloween, being that our house is in the middle of the block. Like the six years, I’ll be handing out the candy and listening to the kids cry “trick or Treat!” It’s usually fun and I enjoy the little […]

My Newest Book Is Out

OK! Listen Up! My newest book is out! It took a long time to do the editing on it as I have been busy over the last year. Mostly, taking care of my Mom who has not been well over the last year and all the changes that happened around that event. But finally I […]

Coming Soon: A New Year To Mess Up In

The year 2007 is drawing to a close. I pretty much did what I planned to do this past year; with the exception of being laid off from my job. I finished getting another book out: “In The Company of Legends,” on I expanded on my blog, for the most part writing 2 or […]

Blogs and Fame-Sort Of

Yesterday I got a comment on one of my blogs that I am listed as one of 46 blogs that are, at least in part, about Northwest Indiana. It’s listed in the Northwest Indiana Blogs. I was gratified to hear that I have been noticed in some small way for what I have been trying […]

Did It! Another Nano Won

As of this morning I have officially won the Nanowrimo novel writing contest. I’m at 50,566 words and really not quite finished. I do have a little way to go about another 500 words I think. But I’ll finish that during the rest of the month. I can relax now. I had a lot of […]

A Nano Preview

I’m coming along with the Nano novel in good time. I’m up to 43,000 words and counting as of Friday afternoon, 11-16-08. To celebrate I thought I’d leave you with Chapter 25 of my book. I think it’s half -way decent, though it still needs some work.  So bear with the mistakes! If you have […]

Push To Finish Nano

As of last night I reached over 39,000 words for Nanowrimo. Once I get some things out of the way today, I plan a push to get to my 50,000 -words, hopefully, before Thanksgiving. That’s my plan. Whether I make it or not depends on what happens on me not surfing the Internet. I have […]

Slogging Through Nano

As of yesterday, I got to 35,000 words in my story for Nanowrimo. I have to admit that the last 1,000 I have been slogging it.  You usually get that way about the whole process by that time.  Even if you really like your story, you get this way, as if getting to the final […]