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Nano Update 2

Today is November 6, 2007, the sixth day of Nano and I feel that I’m behind. I’ve had to do a lot of other things these last few days and have not had the chance to write I had hoped to do. The story itself is going fine. It sometimes seems that the characters themselves […]

Nano Update

This is the third day for Nanowrimo. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with everything and not have a writing breakdown. So far I’ve written about 4,000 words. The story itself is pretty fresh. I’ll let you know how fresh it feels at about 25,000 words. That’s when everyone begins to hit the […]

Time Has Come Today

In a few hours Namowrimo will begin. In fact in a few places it might have already started, like in Australia and Asia. Hmm, I wonder if the Nano word count computer can read all the Asian ideographs that are used in Asian writing. What about Sanskrit or Arabic? I don’t know. I guess it […]

Three Days To Go

Nanaowrimo is just three days away. I have everything ready for the big write-off: I got my idea, my outline and my plan of action for the first day. I plan to start at 12 midnight and write for only a short while. Then later on in the morning really start to work on the […]

Serial Update

With seven days to go before Nanowrimo kicks off, I’ve been busy organizing, and getting ready for the big write. I got my notes organized as well as my outline. I’ve already checked out my novel writing software, Z-WRITE, which seems to work well in keeping my notes and research only a click away. That […]

Crazy Week

This past week is one week I think I will remember for a while. If nothing else, it will be for the up and down emotions that I went through as the week progressed. This past week I was in a sense, laid off from my job. I say it that way because the job […]

Interesting Day

Yesterday was an interesting day. Besides all the usual mundane things that had to be done, I had to spend some time finding out what happened to an article about my last book that was to be printed in our local paper, Northwest Indiana Times. The gal who is writing the article, Jane Ammeson was […]