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Getting A Little Disgusted At Times

I haven’t done much as far as the blogs over the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with various duties at home and taking my Mom to the doctors and such. It’s been hard to sit down and just write as I had hoped I would be able to do. I have some time in […]

Chia Obama- Over The Line?

The one thing that I would give a failing grade for is the Chia Obama. This is the most ridiculous item that I have seen on television in many a long time. Now, I know that there are a lot of items that are out There commemorating the presidents. Most of them are commemorative coins […]

Some Last Thoughts On Obama Inauguration

I know that the Inauguration was over a week ago, but I’ve been busy with a number of things and haven’t had a chance to write down any thoughts on the day or what it means to me. Besides all the History that the day implied, there was a personal note that I thought about […]

Catching Up With All of You

Well, this past few weeks have been pretty busy and unbelievable. My mother is still in the nursing home, trying to recover as much as she possibly can. She is finally making some progress and walking some. If she continues to make progress she should be able to come home by Christmas. That’s my goal […]

Immagration and a True American Response

First, let us have a little background. Immigration laws set up in the 1920’s did not address the problem of immigration from Mexico. One reason was, because few came from Mexico and second because the area that they settled was in the Southwest, little settled until the 1960’s on. As people moved for health and […]

The Obama Campaign

I spent a good part of the day to work on the Obama campaign in Indiana. It has been a good 30 some years since I have worked on any kind of campaign and I found it exciting and I feel that no matter what, I have contributed to this good man’s run for the […]

A Pox On Both Their Houses?

Watching the Democratic run for the White House has become a bitter fight to the finish. It is a case of not taking any prisoners. Ripping the heart out of each other and leaving nothing to come home to once the race is finished. The Clinton campaign has used just about every trick in the […]

Obama’s Speech

Barack Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia today that was well crafted and to the point, addressing the issue of race in America and what his vision is on that divisive and important issue. Was it a speech that he had to give? Yes it was. He needed to define himself for what he was. […]

Pondering The Imponderable

Once in awhile I think about something really deep. I don’t know where theses thoughts come from, but there they are. Keeping me awake at night and interfering with the daily routine of life. This past week I had one of those thoughts. What was it, you ask? Let me tell you. Why do men […]