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It’s Still My Fantasy

Those of you who know me through the years and through my blog know that I never have had the best of health. As a result, I never had the opportunity to play organized sports. I did play some pick up baseball and flag or two hand football when I was a kid. I even […]

What is Happening Lately

I have been busy lately, partly writing a couple of short stories while they were still fresh in my mind. I got a little more enthused about writing short stories since I had a couple accepted for IUN’s Literary Magazine coming out in May. Besides, I sometimes enjoy the idea of having an idea carry […]

The Super Bowl; The Ads and The Who

I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday as  well as the rest of the nation and it was an enjoyable evening. The game  played out as advertised. Both quarterbacks drove their teams down the field in scoring drives. There was a lot of excitement and drama. The only mistake either quarterback made was the […]

Baseball Season Lasts Too Long

The Yankees won another World Series yesterday. Now, this blog is not about the Yankees winning their 27th World Series or about the Cubbies (my favorite baseball team losing out again). It about the long baseball season, Here it is November 5th and the baseball season finally ended. There has been snow in some parts […]

…And I’m Still a Cubs Fan

I haven’t said much about the Chicago Cubs since late last year. This is especially true since their swift departure from the play-offs for the second year in a row. Yep, I’ve been lying low this year. Until recently the team hasn’t done well. Injuries and a weak offence have kept them from taking the […]

Sammy Sosa Breaks My Heart

It was reported in the New York Times recently that slugger Sammy Sosa had tested positive for a performance enhancing drug during the 2003 season. If this is true than the three biggest sluggers of the ’90’s and 2000’s have all come under the same cloud and we really have a period in baseball called […]

The Cubs At All-Star Break

Since the All-Star Game is the traditional break in the baseball season, I thought it would be a good time to report on my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. They’re still in first place, 4.5 games ahead in their division. Despite a few blips along the way, they are playing better than they did last […]

A Cub Update, 2008

Finally, I have a chance to do a Chicago Cubs update. The first six weeks of the season has found the Cubbies in first place in their division, one game a head of the Cardinals. Unlike last year, the hitting has been solid, especially at home. Derrick Lee has been hitting the ball as he […]

Time For Baseball (As In Games)

Ah! Two things I enjoy when I have the time. One is watching a baseball game. The other is playing a baseball game on one of those game players. I have a Playstation 2 and earlier a Gamecube and enjoy playing sports games, especially baseball on it. I thought I’d give you my thoughts on […]

The Last Cub Watch, 2007

The weather finally turned cooler in the Midwest this week. Temps are more like fall instead of summer. I went out today with a sweater and light gloves when I took my walk. So, I guess it’s time to put a wrap on the Chicago Cubs baseball season. As you all know, the Cubs were […]