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Another Story From The Naked City

Yesterday, I spent the whole day taking care of financial matters for my mother who is now in a nursing home. It was a long, tiring day. One in which I am still recovering from as I write this. It meant visiting banks and talking to financial people and talking on the phone to lawyers […]

An Urban Legend

In Hanover Township in Indiana, there’s a real life urban legend on the run or walk if you must get technical about it. Years ago someone stood on a corner in the township with a sign saying “will work for clothes and shoes.” A short time later that person left, apparently getting his wish. Still […]

Great Storm Of 2007

I’ve been off for a while dealing with storm damage from a rainstorm that occurred in Northwest Indiana this past week.  We had winds over 70 miles and hour (Some still insist it was a small tornado, sounds nice, but it probably was a straight line wind). It caused damage to several large trees and […]

Dude, Where’s My Bubble Gum?

I was in Target a couple of days ago, doing a little shopping and waiting for my mother to finish hers. I usually take her out shopping after one of her doctor appointments and this was one of those times. Anyway, I was wandering around Target when I came to a display of trading cards, […]

My Book Is Out

Well finally my book is out. I wrote “In The Company of Legends” last year for, which holds a contest every year to write a 50 thousand -word book in the month of November. This book is the result of accepting the challenge. The basic story is about a major leaguer that has trouble […]

Weed Killer

This summer I’ve become a soldier in the battle against the weeds that grow in our garden and in our grass here at home. With the weather warm and muggy now in the Midwest, the weeds are sprouting up faster than an Al Quada cell in the US. At least once a week I perform […]

Short Observations

These are some short observations that I thought I would share with all of you: SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE! Driving back form the drug store on July 3rd, I noticed that the gas prices actually went DOWN, instead of up. Usually the prices are about as high as possible around the 4th […]

What’s It Like To Be A Cubs Fan

I wrote this for another site (Helium Actually) and thought I’d print it up here to share with the rest of you.Enjoy! Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs is an exercise in futility and faith. Futility because like so much of life your dreams get broken and your hopes sashed. It is an exercise […]

Before I Was Interrupted

I was about to write last week, before I got interrupted by the story of the Beatles 40th anniversary of Sgt. Peppers album release of a conversation I had with a couple of friends at work. One of them mentioned that the Three Stooges were in a cameo in a riverboat gambling movie. The name […]

Still A Good Thing After All These Years

This past week the Library Of Congress gave out the Gershwin Award for Popular Music to singer/songwriter Paul Simon, best know for his work with the ‘60’s duo Simon and Garfunkel. It is an award that is well deserved. Paul Simon has been around a long time and has never put his roots down in […]