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Want To Be A Rock ‘n Roll Star?

I went over to see a friend and they had their grandkids over and they were playing one of their video games (I can’t believe that I’m even talking about someone’s grandkids, but tine marches on). I noticed that they were playing something called Guitar Hero or was it Rock Band? I don’t know which […]

Time For Baseball (As In Games)

Ah! Two things I enjoy when I have the time. One is watching a baseball game. The other is playing a baseball game on one of those game players. I have a Playstation 2 and earlier a Gamecube and enjoy playing sports games, especially baseball on it. I thought I’d give you my thoughts on […]

Fantasy Athlete

Since I haven’t been well most of my life, I never was any good at athletics. Oh, I did play sandlot baseball when I was a kid. I played three and four games a day, if I could. My sisters can attest to that. I played touch football in the fall and even a little […]