Dangerous Politics

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With the passage of the health care bill has come a dangerous response. Some of those who have opposed the package have resorted to threats and even, violence against those who voted for the bill.

I think we have let the genie out of the bottle. I know there are those who oppose the bill that have condemned those who have resorted violence and death threats. Still, I think there is a chance that threats will continue. I am afraid that someone will get hurt, on either side, and fan the flames even more.

While I don’t believe that either major the Democrats or Republicans are directly involved on such response, they have to condemn the response before it get out of hand.

Why is this happening? It’s a fear of the future. Fear that the life that we knowis now on the wane. The kubd of hate (if I can use that word) against Obama, this past summer and during the health care debate is an example. The first elected black president, he symbolizes the change in the demographics of the country. In another 30 to 40 years the minorities in this country will be in the majority. White people will, make up less than 50% of the population in this country.

That scares a lot of people. It is not about fear, not hate that drives all of this. Things have changed in this country and they have begun to lash out. I hope that we can find a way out of all this and can begin to live in peace with each other. The violence out there now only reminds me of what Gahndi once said “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”


One Last Note On Health Care

President Kennedy once said in 1963 that and I paraphrase: If a black person cannot eat at a restaurant 0r sleep in a hotel…… Can’t vote….. Can’t send their children to the best public school….would we be willing to change color and stand in their place?

Today on health reform: If anyone cannot get health insurance and care because of a preexisting condition….because of a sickness like cancer or a transplant…. because of high premiums… would we change places with them and have no health insurance or health care?

What Is Good History?

Recently, the Texas State School Board desided what should and shouldn’t be in their texbooks. Why should you be cpncerned? Because what they decided in theor textbooks will be in mnay textbooks across the land. You see, tTexas buys a lot of textbooks and book makers take what Texas wants into consideration when they sell all those textbooks. What Texas wants, the rest of the nation gets.

I don’t know about all the changes that the Texas School Board want, but I do know about a few of them.: The want President Reagan to be considered a pre eminent president. That what he did as president was positive in the development of the country: They want creationism to be emphasised as part of science: They want Thomas Jefferson’s view of religion de-emphasised: They want almost no mention of the growth of Latino cultural influrnces in our country:

That is just a few of them. So, what is happening here is a development of Revionist History. They want a spin on the history of our country. Basicly, a one sided view of history.

This is done all the time. History is always rewritten and reinterpeteted. That is how we get different views of what happens in our country and how it influences us and affects us. It’s a fact that it happens but is it good history?

I think not. It alright to includde some of the views that are legitimate, but why can’t both viewpoints be included. As our students hear and read both sides, they will then make up their minds. Instead of saying that Reagan is an all positive influenc why not say that he is admired by many for his veiws about smaller government and his stand against Communism, but that some of his ecconomic and foreign policies caused problems for many in our country.

We couid say that Jefferson was a early proponent of limited federal government, but that he also, as president, used the Federal Government to obtain the largest land deal in our country, The Lousianna Purchase. We could say that his views on religion were fairly popular in his day, but les so now (by the way, most of the Founding Fathers had religious views similar and really believed that the seperation of chuch and state was a positive force).

We can say that Texas came about dur to a land and border dispute (which it was).

We could say that while many support evolution, there are a cosiderable segment that believes in creationism. We need to say that both views are just that hypothesis.

Our textbooks should give all viewpoints, not just what a few people with a political agenda wants. I, for one am willing to give all viewpoints a hearing. I’ll decide, thank you on what I think I should believe, not what someone else tells me.

Coffee Or Tea With Your Politics

There seems to be another grass roots group that has formed in opposition to the Tea Party that was formed earlier this year. This group, the Coffee Party is also frusterated with government gridlock and the lack of progress in solving the many problems that the country is facing.

The Coffee Party solution is that the Democrats and Republicans should drop the ideological postering and come together to reach solutions on those important problems that face us thes days. At least that is how I see the group as trying to come across.

The Tea Party seems to protest the government takeover of people’s lives and wants the government to get out so taxes would be lower and there would be less regulation of people’s lives. At least that is how I understand it.

Both parties or movements are in anger of being taken over by extremists on either side of the political spectrum. Already, the Coffee Party is being accused of being a left wing answer to the Tea Party. The movements founder Annabel Park, worked for Obama in 2008 and for another Democratic Party cndidate. There is also a danger that other left extremists could take over, though I’ve not seen anything like it yet.

The Tea Party has seemed to have been, in part taken over by extremists on the right. People like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have a strong say in the direction of the movement, They and other are a danger to reaching practical solutions to our problems.

As for myself, I tend to drink the Coffee, as long as it tries to urge the leaders of the country to reach practical, wffective solutions to our country’s problems, through debate and eventually consensus. Any solutiion that leaves out the great majority that just wants to get on with life, work hard, get along with all people, regardless of race, gender, religion and politics is a dajngerous route for us to go.

What is Happening Lately

I have been busy lately, partly writing a couple of short stories while they were still fresh in my mind. I got a little more enthused about writing short stories since I had a couple accepted for IUN’s Literary Magazine coming out in May. Besides, I sometimes enjoy the idea of having an idea carry through in a few thousand words, rather than writing a novel of 50 to 80 thousand words. I guess I can be lazy. I should get back to the other novels soon.

I went on a drug run to pick up some prescriptions last week and the young guy ahead of me looked a little strange. I didn’t notice it at first, but he had his head shaved with what looked like ram horns tattooed on the back of his head. My thought was ‘he sire going to look silly when he gets old.’

Now a lot of us wore our hair long and unruly when we were younger and some of us got tattoos (not me though- chicken), however, a tattoo on the back of the head?

I didn’t say anything, but I hope the guy will keep his hair later in life. Those rams horn will get a little ragged later in life.

One last thing, baseball is back! Spring training has begun abd the first games have bee played. I won’t say much until the real season starts in a few weeks, but I am going to watch the first spring training games on TV this weekend. Spring is coming. The weather is getting warmer around here and baseball is back.

The Super Bowl; The Ads and The Who

I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday as  well as the rest of the nation and it was an enjoyable evening. The game  played out as advertised. Both quarterbacks drove their teams down the field in scoring drives. There was a lot of excitement and drama.

The only mistake either quarterback made was the interception by Manning. It sealed the win for New Orleans. I’m kind of glad. I really have not cared for the Colts since they snuck into Indianapolis in 1984. Since Unitas left I have no feeling for the team. Besides they beat the Bears in the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Oh welll….

The ad were pretty good. I watch the ads as part of the game experience. If the game turn into a blowout and becomes boring, I can always look forward to watching the ads and getting a chuckle or two.

I liked the Snicker ad with Betty White playing a pickup football game. Also, the Boost ad showing the 1985 Bears doing a version of the Super Bowl Shuffle was fun and at least it had Bears in them. The best ad was the Levi ad for Dockers was funny as all get out.  Walking down the road in undershorts singing ‘I have no pants,’ was hilarious. I could never be so daring.

The Who singing at the half time show was another example of the NFL playing it safe and using old rock ‘n roll stars to entertain the audience. They played good and it was kind of sad since two of their original member have died. Still Townsend and Daltry put on a good show. The last song was pretty interesting. ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ has lines like “I know that the hypnotised doesn’t lie” and “The marching on the left is now marching on the right.” Pretty chilling, considering the state of politics in America these days.

I wonder what the NFL will do for a show next year? Maybe they’ll bring out Chuck Berry, if he is playing these days. But, don’t expect him to appear without pants. Can’t have a wardrobe malfunction can we?

That Stupid Groundhog Makes Me Work!

Today is Groundhog Day and I’m mad as hell. I woke up this morning to snow outside my house and I had to go out and shovel. Drinking my coffee before I headed out the door. I heard that that stupid Groundhog declared another 6 weeks of winter. Thanks buddy. I hope that hole in the ground that you call home freezes over with you in it.

I’ve been checking around to see if there are any groundhogs that may have had a difference of opinion. I haven’t found one yet. Bummer! Now that means I’ll have to shovel and slide on the ice when I drive. I’ll have to stay in and cuddle up in a blanket for the next 6 weeks just reading books and watching basketball on TV.. I’m getting cabin fever, groundhog, Better watch yourself. One thing, Groundhog, you better not met me in a dark alley, come spring. You’ll be dead meat. I’m tired of being cold this winter. I’m looking forward to spring and baseball and picnics and doing the yard and cutting the grass….and….

Come to think of it. Layingt around, reading a good book and watching sports on tv isn’t so bad after all. I guess I’ll let you slide this year, groundhog.

January Update

Well, here it is, end of January, or near it and I’ve been able to keep up with my resolutions this year. I’ve been writing on a regular basis, doing my exercises, taking care of things at home and doing all of this without too much problem.

Lately, I’ve been on Facebook. It’s been fun on the site. One thing is that I’ve caught up with a few high school people while on the site. I’ve never bothered much with reunions and all that kind of thing. I always figured that I would rather move on, than stay on the memories. But occasionally, it’s good to catch up with some of my friends that I got to know as I was growing up. It’s a part if who I am now.

I finally got my science fiction book out. It’s called ‘Space Pirates,’ and it’s on Lulu.com. With all the problems with my mother being sick and all the work taking care of getting the home in order, I had to take time in doing the editing before I could get it out. I’m glad to get it out right now and I hope that it will do some sales. But, it sure was a long slog to get the work out.

I’m working on two books right now and doing a little research on another. I don’t know when I’ll have them out, but I am getting some work done on them. It feels great doing the writing.

Winter is a great time to sit and do some writing. The weather is cold and there’s snow on the ground. I have nowhere to go. Yes, I believe I’ll sit right down and do a little writing before the day is through.

A Rough Time In Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti is certainly a terrible time for a country that is as poor as that country is. With most of the capital in ruins and the government unable to function, it has been difficult to get rescue and recovery moving. It will be a long time until the area has a recovery and will need the rest of the world to help them recover.

The United States is doing it’s part. Our government is supplying 100 million dolars towaed recovery. This, at a time when our recovery is weak and people are out of work. Still, we recognize the humanity of the situation and we are willing to help as we can.

Many of you are hwlping where you can, I’m sure. I have donated some money to this good cause. But I ask, what else can I do to help out. I decided to do one more thing to help out. I have two books out that I am willing to donate the royalties to the cause of helping Haiti in the next two months. I have chosen Doctors Without Borders as the group to donate the royalties to. The are a group that has worked all over the world to provide medical help, whenever it is needed. They have even won a Nobel Peace Prize for their work. They are legitimate and a worthy group to donate to.

I will put any royalties to a special account and every two weeks I will send any royalties to Doctors Without Borders. Once the two months are up, if the need is still great, I will continue for another two months, if not I will find another good cause to donate.

The books have never sold well mainly because I haven’t had the time to market them. Since I have an independent source of income, I have written the books more for fun and because I felt that I had something to say. Since I have already donated something to Haiti, this is something extra. I hope you will see this as a way to give and perhaps get something back in return for your help. Not as a way for me to sell books.

You can get ‘Vision of the Field: A Baseball Fantasy’ here : http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/vision-of-the-field-a-baseball-fantasy/351614.

The other book ‘In the Company of Legends,’ can be ordered here: http://www.booklocker.com/books/3022.html.

I hope you will consider thise books as a way to give to the important cause of helping Haiti to recover from the earthquake that has devastated them.

Resolutions In The New Year

Happy New Year to all of you who cross this page. I took easy yesterday, relaxed and watched some of the bowl games and even played a few games with my PS2. I stayed up ubril midnight on New Years Eve. After the fireworks went off and the bells rang, I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. I was up way past my beddy bye time and was tired. So much for the wild time. Those days are long past.

I often said that making resolutions for the New Year is a little ridiculous. I figure why wait to change something in your life. If you know that something needs changing, change it right away, or, at least work on it. Don’t wait until the New Year. This year, however, I find myself looking at where I am at and since it is the New Year, I thought this would be the right time to begin resolving to do some improvements. Call it more of hopes of what I want to do, rather than resolutions. At least that’s what I call them!

First. I need to finish up on a couple of writing projects. I got a couple projects that are almost completed. I need to do some editing on them before they are ready. Some I better get working on them.

I need to see about getting an agent for my writing. It’s difficult trying to sell your work on your own. I have a few things out there, but I don’t really have the time to work on that. An agent would help.

I have a few things to work on with the house, both in the house and in the yard. It will be an all year project to get them done. I’m confident about getting them done, since I got last years projects done.

Last is more of a personal thing. That is to try and get more exercise. I need to get back to walking every day and doing my weights more often. I get so busy with all the other things that I sometimes neglect getting the exercise in. I need to be more aware of that and work on it.

There it is. There’s nothing mystical about them or really heavy. Just some practical efforts to make things better. Keep it simple, I say. Take care of the spares, the strikes will take care of themselves.