Monthly Archives: May 2007

Post Memorial Day Thoughts

Well, I stayed home on Memorial Day and watched the local parade that passes down our street each and every year since I can remember. It’s never large or fancy; just a few organizations and local little league baseball teams that do the marching and hold a short service at St Casimir Church that has […]

Still A Good Thing After All These Years

This past week the Library Of Congress gave out the Gershwin Award for Popular Music to singer/songwriter Paul Simon, best know for his work with the ‘60’s duo Simon and Garfunkel. It is an award that is well deserved. Paul Simon has been around a long time and has never put his roots down in […]

Another Sammy Watch

Sammy Sosa has hit 10 homeruns for the Texas Rangers this year with only about a 3rd of the season played, while not playing every day. He is now just 2 shy of hitting the 600 HR mark in his career. So far it seems to be a happier ride than what Bonds is doing. […]

Working Around An Illegal Duck

Well, today I was working around the yard: you know, putting weed and feed on the grass. Just like a real suburban homemaker. I can actually say it was enjoyable. I never thought I’d end up doing stuff like this. Before the transplant I couldn’t walk a hundred feet, much less push a lawn spreader […]

How I Became A Cubs Fan

A friend of mine, a dedicated White Sox fan asked me, “How the heck did you become a Cubs fan?” I had to stop and think. It was a pretty subtle process. It was almost ordained. My Grandfather was a Cubs fan. So was my father: But it even subtler than that. I remember watching […]

An Observation

Over the years, I’ve watched people interact with each other. One thing that has amazed me is that people seem to be critical of the very things that they tend to do themselves. For instance, if a person dislikes a gossip, they tend to be gossipers themselves. If they dislike people who are always late, […]

Transplant Warriors

This isn’t a phrase I coined to describe those who are waiting, or have received a transplant (In my case a heart-lung). But a moderator of an online support group that I recently joined called those who go through the process warriors. I agree. I think anyone who goes through any transplant: heart, lung, kidney, […]

Elevator Music For Baby Boomers

One of the things I do at work is call in to companies and order special beds for patients that need them. I know how important these beds are, I had one when I was in the hospital for a long time and boy was it comfortable. Keeps one from getting bedsores. They must work; […]

Deformed Squirrels and Headless Virgins

Ah spring, a time when one’s thoughts turn to getting the outdoor decorations out. I did exactly that a couple of days ago around the house. Usually, my mother and I work together to do this rite of spring. This year, however, she can’t do as much, so I got to have all the fun […]

If I Were President, Part One

I had been thinking of writing this for a long time. Most of the time my blogs are of a lighthearted nature. I have avoided the obvious. But there are three issues in particular that I have some strong feelings about. They are on Iraq, terrorism and Immigration. Let me take on Iraq and terrorism […]