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Snow Day

Well, here I am watching the snow fall again in Northwest Indiana. I haven’s this much snow around here in several years. I would have went out and shoveled for a while but decided that it would make no sense. I’ll just wait for the snow to finally end, possibly by tonight and go out […]

My Life: A Week In Review

New Years has been busier than ever. Besides all the celebration and such. I had a couple of interesting experiences that I hope will help me in selling either one of my books and get a little notice as a writer, such as I am. I did continue to apply for a couple of jobs […]

I Started A New Blog

With the start of a New Year, I have started a new blog called “Region Rats- A Northwest Indiana Blog.” Unlike my other blog it will appear exclusively on and will deal in issues and observations about the area where I live, Northwest Indiana. The site iswww For a number of years I […]

Blogs and Fame-Sort Of

Yesterday I got a comment on one of my blogs that I am listed as one of 46 blogs that are, at least in part, about Northwest Indiana. It’s listed in the Northwest Indiana Blogs. I was gratified to hear that I have been noticed in some small way for what I have been trying […]

Interesting Day

Yesterday was an interesting day. Besides all the usual mundane things that had to be done, I had to spend some time finding out what happened to an article about my last book that was to be printed in our local paper, Northwest Indiana Times. The gal who is writing the article, Jane Ammeson was […]


Seems like I spelled Keith Olbermann’s name wrong in my blog of a couple of days ago. It’s bad enough to be criticized by everyone, but have your name misspelled by an unknown blogger? Well, that’s what I am, an unknown blogger that can’t spell. So forgive me everyone. There are days that I shouldn’t […]

An Urban Legend

In Hanover Township in Indiana, there’s a real life urban legend on the run or walk if you must get technical about it. Years ago someone stood on a corner in the township with a sign saying “will work for clothes and shoes.” A short time later that person left, apparently getting his wish. Still […]

Great Storm Of 2007

I’ve been off for a while dealing with storm damage from a rainstorm that occurred in Northwest Indiana this past week.  We had winds over 70 miles and hour (Some still insist it was a small tornado, sounds nice, but it probably was a straight line wind). It caused damage to several large trees and […]

Post Memorial Day Thoughts

Well, I stayed home on Memorial Day and watched the local parade that passes down our street each and every year since I can remember. It’s never large or fancy; just a few organizations and local little league baseball teams that do the marching and hold a short service at St Casimir Church that has […]

Searching For A Little Help

As some of you might know, I have written two books over the last two years. One is self- published on and the other on I finished this past November. I’m waiting to hear from a literary agent and a publisher on the last novel. Meanwhile I am getting ready to begin work on […]