Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ugh! More Snow!

For what seems like the hundredth time this year, we have snow. I guess the last few winters have spoiled me, with little snow and warm temperatures. I’m paying for it this year though. I’ll wait a little bit before I venture out and shovel. I’ll also take my time. I have plenty of it, […]

Job Hunting: The Jungle Out There

In the last few months, I have been looking for a job since I was laid off at the hospital, where I have worked for over 30 years. Not everyday, mind you. The weather has been bad this winter and I didn’t want to chance it going out in all the bad weather and apply […]

Baseball, Lawns and Snow

This week -end was fairly busy. Saturday I went to a art exhibit given by a friend, at a gallery in Whiting, Indiana (you can catch more of this on my site, Region Rats). Then I spent the rest of the weekend on little projects. My sister sent me some photos of the pitchers and […]

Is It Valentines Day?

I have to admit that I never got into Valentines Day. Not that I can’t be romantic when I want to. However, when the day came around, I usually wasn’t with anyone special, so the day just flew by like any other. I guess I sort of missed something in not being ‘in love’ around […]

Snow Day

Well, here I am watching the snow fall again in Northwest Indiana. I haven’s this much snow around here in several years. I would have went out and shoveled for a while but decided that it would make no sense. I’ll just wait for the snow to finally end, possibly by tonight and go out […]


The field has dwindled down to 4 viable candidates for the US Presidency: John McCain and Mike Hucabee for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama for the Democrats. Huckabee has little chance in overtaking McCain, unless conservatives rally behind him and cause a fight at the Republican Convention. I doubt that will happen, […]

The Point Is…

With the weather so lousy these days in the Midwest I have had time on my hands and was watching TV Land a few days ago. There I caught a little of the Beverly Hillbillies and had to laugh and later thinking about it was appalled. Seems like the show was about a wealthy sheik, […]